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Friday, June 21, 2013

This week's "share" for our farm's members: beautiful & bountiful!

What a difference a year makes.  1 year ago, we were in the midst of the hottest summer on record, with the worst drought in almost 100 years.  The crops were simply frying in the heat, the pests were attacking & killing the weakened plants, and the small amount of irrigation we were able to provide seemed to provide very little help.

Fast-forward 1 year.  The weather has been more moderate, we've received adequate rainfall (we officially left the "drought" status this spring!). 

And this difference is surely being felt by our farm's customers.  What bounty they are receiving!  Our customers consist of shareholders, or members, of our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).  This is a pre-paid program, many of which are operated throughout the world.  Customers pay up front & receive a "share" of the farm's bounty throughout the season.  When the season is good, as it is most years (last year was the exception, but even then we survived & provided)... but when it's good, it's really really good!

Yet another HUGE share went to my customers this afternoon & evening. Pictured below, each CSA member received a share just like this one.  2 overflowing paper grocery bags full of organically-grown produce! It included:

- Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage)
- Escarole (Italian green)
- Radishes
- Kohrabi
- Red romaine lettuce
- Green romaine lettuce
- Kale
- Light green frilly lettuce
- Garlic Scapes
- Dill herb
- Cilantro herb


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