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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bye bye goats

I know we'll have some disappointed customers, many of whom enjoyed seeing our 2 buck goats (buck goat just means a male, un-neutered goat).... but the goats are gone.  I have struggled with this decision since last fall, when they reached full-grown size (standing on their 4 legs, their backs were nearly to my waist!).  Then they went into rut (smelly, aggressive, mating season.... you don't want to know).  Then, they began jumping on us.  Not such a big deal for an adult, the goat can be pushed off... repeatedly.  But, if you're a small child.... scary.  The goats sometimes escaped their pen, and a couple of times they jumped up & knocked down one of our young sons.  It was not fun.  Frustrating.

They had to go, and finally I gave them away to some other farmers not too far away.  Who have no small children.  And some female goats.  For breeding.  The boy goats will have fun there.

They've been gone over a week now, and honestly I can say that we all feel relief.  I do miss looking out the window & watching them fight, graze, and wander around.  But I don't miss taking care of them.  At all.  And neither do my children or husband.  All in all, a tough decision to make, but it was the right one for everyone involved, goats included.

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