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Monday, March 4, 2013

A fresh load of straw in the winter is such a wonderful thing for the chickens... And especially for the farmer! Chickens do not like to walk in the snow, so ours tend to stay in their coop whenever there is snow on the ground. This makes the coops get full of waste so much faster. Yes, straw is expensive. Especially now, after our terrible drought last winter. I was lucky to find any, but I'm paying over double the price than in years past. I've had to buy 2 loads of straw in the past month. But without it, I can't even stand to go into the winter-time coops. This time of year is not much fun for livestock care. From frozen waterers to thaw (which means mud and therefore dirty coops), to snow cover & dirty coops. Have I mentioned manure? :). Yep, so much in there this time of year, and the truly bad part is that I can do nothing much until spring except add more straw on top
(the underneath layers are frozen, so the coops can't be "mucked out" until spring).
Now you see why fresh straw is so lovely.

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