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Monday, February 18, 2013

When farm animals attack!

Okay, so the title of this post got you hooked, right?  You're thinking that I've been charged by a bull.  Well, we have no bull here at Wishful Acres Farm right now, only the goats and chickens.  Both of which have attacked me in the past week!

Last week, I was butted by a goat's horn in my ribs.  In all honesty, I'm not positive the goat intended to head butt me or not.  I was bending over, feeding the chickens, when I was banged by a goat's horn right in my side.  I straightened up, only to see this goat then rear up on his hind legs and head butt the other goat.  It also happened to be the goat who is the "bully" of the two.  Which, when all is said and done, does lead me to believe that this darn bully billy goat (say that 3 times fast!) really did intend to horn me.  I tell you what, if we ever do increase our goat herd by adding some females, and if the time comes for us to sell one of our male goats... well, let's just say I know exactly which darn bully billy goat is leaving this farm! VanGoat!  He picks on the other goat constantly.  Poor Merlin is always running away from him & I swear sometimes I see him shaking in fear.  And poor lady farmer (me!), while I'm not shaking in fear from this goat, I'm sure not turning my back on him either.  By the way, our goats are now very big.  When they're standing, theirs backs reach almost to my waist.  It's amazing how fast they grew, they're just about 1 year old now.  They are big enough with those giant horns to make me a bit nervous... let's just say that.

Okay, so the 2nd animal attack happened just this morning.  It was in one of our chicken coops.  Yep, I was attacked by a chicken.  Those of you who raise laying hens know... chickens are sure not friendly, cuddly animals.  Nope!  And I'm about to expose them as the vicious animals that they are.  I was crouched down, collecting eggs from the laying box, when a hen runs up & bites / pecks me right on the nose.  Vicious carnivore!  I guess my nose was resembling something it wanted to eat?!  To be honest, it didn't really hurt, but it sure did surprise me! I will admit that I'm not the hugest fan of chickens anymore... in my 2 years of raising them, I've learned that they are probably the dirtiest, most difficult, least profitable farm animal that exists.  And they require the most work from me on top of it.   Bring on more pigs, goats, and maybe even eventually some cows.  All of those are easier to raise than chickens... truly!  I'd rather raise a pig than a chicken, and I've done both so I can say that with all honesty and experience.  All winter long, I've been toying with the idea of removing chickens from our farm after this season.  It makes me a bit miserable to care for them in the winter.  And they attack!  Don't forget the attacking.  Anyway, I know that our egg customers truly enjoy the gourmet eggs, as does my own family, so at this point they will probably stay. 

You heard it here, farm animals attack.  Even in happy conditions.  Well, maybe they're sick and tired of winter as well.

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