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Monday, February 4, 2013

Merlin the Goat sounds in on Super Bowl commercial

Merlin the goat follows me around the farm during morning chores this morning. I can almost hear his thoughts:

"Hay? Hay!?? You are feeding us hay? I heard about that Super Bowl commercial last night. Where are MY nacho chips? Don't walk away from me, farmer lady!"

In case you didn't see the Doritos Goat commercial, here is a link to YouTube.  I myself didn't watch the Super Bowl, but saw some great commercials through friends' recommendations. My sons especially LOVED this commercial.  Enjoy! .

It is a joke here at the farm that our goats NEVER sleep.  And they really do eat constantly.  And as I mentioned in a posting a few weeks ago here on this blog, I have been stalked by a goat before (he was in rut, so rather than stalking me for Doritos, he was stalking me for... well, me!).  Whoever put this commercial together really knew goats!

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