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Friday, December 21, 2012

Blizzard aftermath.. no electricity this morning homesteading skills in effect!

Waking up this morning to no electricity... going to put our homesteading & survival skills to the test today! Getting the morning fire built up in the wood stove is priority #1... using our camping lantern for a bit of light to see by.

Next up... I will hunt down our old campfire coffeepot & brewsome morning coffee on the woodstove.

Feeling sorry for neighbors without woodburning stoves to keep warm... when the electricity goes out, furnaces don't work! Note to self to check in with my parents.

School is cancelled. Using my cell phone to blog as usual, later I hope to take the *real* camera outside for some pictures. Mother Nature's wrath can also be her greatest glory, looking out the farmhouse windows we see a breathtaking, beautiful winter wonderland.

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