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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friendliest farm kitten of all

I had a shadow today while harvesting vegetables for our farm's CSA members! This is one of 6 kittens born to our farmcat in early May. She (or maybe he, I'm not sure) is by far the friendliest of the litter. The past 2 mornings, she has escorted my sons down the driveway to catch the school bus... so cute.

Last week, when our CSA members were here at the farm, picking up their shares in the Farm Store, this little kitten wouldn't stay out. No matter how many times I put her out, she ran right back in. I'm thinking her name should be "Friendly" (not all of the kittens have names yet, but my sons have a few of them named, like "Colorful", "Brownie", and "Bite Bite" (haha, yes Bite Bite is a feisty one).

It's always nice to have a very friendly, outgoing farm animal!


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