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Friday, July 20, 2012

'Success! This week's CSA share'

This is the "share" all of our CSA members are picking up tonight. Yes... in spite of the drought! We've fought hard to keep some crops going... and it sometimes felt like a losing battle... we closed the farm store, pulled out of farmers market... all in order to preserve enough crops to serve our CSA members. Today feels like a success, and they're haven't been many of those lately!

This week, our CSA members are receiving in their share:

patty pan squash
sweet onions
cherry tomatoes
red tomato (1st ones of season, from our greenhouse!)
sweet bell peppers
chili peppers
swiss chard
dill seed head

Now, if the temperatures would just remain somewhat normal & if we'd get some rain, I could possibly get some fall crops planted...

But I will take this week's CSA share success & be happy and grateful for it!!


  1. I think it was successful and was so excited to get to come pick it up today. And the basil made my van smell delicious!

  2. YUM YUM and YUM!!! We picked our chickens up Friday and roasted one today. It was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! We are SO glad that we have many of your juicy chickens in our freezer!

    Heidi & Gary