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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Important Announcement for our Farm Store & Farmers Market customers

I have an important announcement to make in this edition of the Farm Fresh email newsletter. 

Due to the ever-worsening drought, the Wishful Acres Farm Store will be closed until further notice.   Over the past few weeks, I've frequently shared our trials with attempting to fight this drought, our efforts with irrigating (we unfortunately cannot irrigate all areas of our 4 acres of vegetable crops), and the sad state of our crops continues to worsen.  The way things lie now, we will have enough vegetables to serve our CSA program, but no extra for our Farm Store nor Farmers Market.

All of our energy & focus will now be on keeping enough crops alive for the members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  The CSA program will continue uninterrupted.  However, we will be unable to accept any new CSA members for the remainder of the season.

In addition, I will not be selling at the Freeport Farmers Market for the remainder of the season as there are not extra vegetable crops to sell  (CSA members who pick up at Farmers Market, I'll have details on that in your next CSA newsletter).

If you wish to purchase any meats (only beef currently available), please contact me as needed.  As for our free-range eggs, the heat is causing the hens to slow down laying and are not laying much more than can be supplied to our CSA members who have purchased Egg Shares.  As the egg situation changes, I'll send updates to those who frequently purchase our eggs.

I apologize for any inconvenience, and will send updates if the situation changes (let's all hope the situation does change, for the sake of all farmers in our region!).

Thanks for your understanding.

Penny Peterson
Wishful Acres Farm

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