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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wishful Acres Farm: Farm Store

The Wishful Acres Farm Store!!!  We spent a lot of time renovating this building to use as the Wishful Acres Farm Store.  Walls were torn down, windows fixed, counters torn out & replaced, and the entire floor was torn out & replaced.  The building was not in good shape before; now the interior is quite nice!

Here are a few pictures of the store to share with everyone who hasn't visited yet!

Our Farm Store is open for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member pickup on Friday evenings.

If you're placing an order for pickup, your order will be sitting inside a cooler on the Farm Store front porch.  Simply remove your order, and leave a check for the total amount inside the plastic payment box (the payment box will be sitting inside the cooler with your order).

Hope you can visit us soon!  For more information on our farm, you can visit our web site at .

Wishful Acres Farm Store interior

Wishful Acres Farm Store interior

Wishful Acres Farm Store exterior



  1. Wow, that looks amazing! No WONDER you've been so busy!

  2. WOOHOO!! Congrats! Wish I could go.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Looks great both in photos and in person!