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Thursday, March 1, 2012

WOW! Look at the fresh veggies picked from garden today... in cold NW Illinois!

A basket of salad greens, harvested today from the gardens at our farm. Yes, today... March 1. No, we don't live in California or Florida. Not even close... how about the Illinois/Wisconsin border - usda growing zone 4/5. No kidding!

Here at Wishful Acres Farm, we practice season extension - simple techniques & methods to extend the normal growing season. This year was a huge experiment, and you can see from this picture that it worked great (and so delicious).

I hope to improve upon the season extension so we can offer fresh produce to our customers year-round.

Those interested in learning more should read the books by Elliot Coleman.

I'll be enjoying a fresh salad tonight!

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  1. Wow, even though it has be warm here I am just getting spinach from my winter garden. Nice!