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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A goat in the kitchen! Oh my... only here at Wishful Acres Farm...

I was cooking dinner for my 3 young sons a few days ago, and looked up to see a baby goat casually strolling into my kitchen!  Followed by my giggling 6-year old son.  The things that go on here!  Goat was quickly rounded up and herded outside, as I hid my smirk and tried not to laugh out loud.

A couple of nights later, this little mischievous kid (my son, not the goat) then proceeded to come outside as I'm doing evening chores.... dressed in his spiderman pajamas, with daddy's huge muck boots on!  The boots came up to his thighs and were so big he had to take giant steps just to keep them from falling off.  Can you imagine it?

Ah... this is my life.  Insanity.


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