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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off farm-topic: New novel

One of my favorite authors just released her new book - "The Garden Intrigue" - and, nope, it's not about gardening at all.

I am a bit of a history nut, it was actually my original major in college, before meeting my husband and switching colleges to be closer to home (and him)..... and then ending up at a nearby college which had only a few majors to choose from, so I ended up with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (which, I'll admit, is much more practical than a history degree and has been such a benefit to running this farm!).

So, history is fun!  Or it can be, if taught / re-told in an interesting way (if not, it can just be plain tedious and boring).  On to the book!  Lauren Willig writes a historical fiction book series revolving around aristocrats (read: the titled wealthy class) in England who work as spies during the Napoleonic Wars with France.  Read: Napoleon, France, England during it's glory days of late 1700s / early 1800s, rich English landowners doubling as spies, strong female lead characters.  Willig's books contain a huge amount of hilarious wit, humor, and even a bit of romance.  Best of all, she bases her books on true historical events, then retells them using fictional characters & laugh-out-loud circumstances.  It all works, and works well.  Jane Austen fans will probably enjoy this series; same time frame as Austen's novels.

You can read more about her books on, and probably get them from your local library system.  I saw Willig's recent facebook posting which stated that "The Garden Intrigue", which was released last week, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list at number 35.

Enjoy!  Winter isn't here for much longer, get those books read while you can.  :-)


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