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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Artful Beauty in Winter Comfort Food - Pot Roast with character!

Beef pot roast ready to simmer in our dutch oven on top of the wood stove. 

Simple & easy to make!

Toss a roast into a pot that is oven-safe.

I added some of our farm-grown vegetables, pulled from the root cellar (cool temp basement): rutabaga, potato, onion, garlic, and baby carrots which I left whole for the beauty of it! Water added until it reached the bottom of the top layer of vegetables. Salt & pepper are the only seasonings - this will be so delicious!

 I will let it simmer on top of our wood stove for several hours (you can use your stovetop or a hot oven, or even a crockpot). All the flavors will blend together, the veggies will be so tender they'll melt in your mouth, and the beef roast makes it all mouthwatering!

Winter comfort food at it's best!

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