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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Planting schedule

yep, you guessed it... still wading through the neverending piles of paperwork! Farm accounting is actually an enjoyable process for me, but so time-consuming. I started the tax work, income statements, receipts, expenses, etc... back in early December, right after the last CSA shares went out to members and my time freed up. Still at it!

So, it was becoming a bit monotonous... I started a new paperwork project last week. A detailed planting schedule. This is such a necessary tool when running a CSA, or even just for farmers market sales.

The planting schedule spans one entire notebook. Week by week, from late February through November. Each week, what seeds need to be sown in flats for seedling production, which seeds need to be sown directly in the field, which transplants need to go in the ground. To ensure a constant supply of head lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, green onions, green beans, beets, longer brocolli harvest, earlier fall rutabaga... whatever the goal is, it's all being planned out now.

WOW, this will ease my mind so much & make the season a little less hectic

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