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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anyone raising pigs?

We're expanding the livestock area of our farm in 2012.  A lot!  We'll be raising meat chickens & turkeys, in addition to our current flock of laying chickens.

So... one area I'm starting to think of, and read about.... pastured pork.  Anyone out there raising hogs?  From what I'm reading, they'll fit well with our current farm operation.  And I know one thing... we all love pork in this house!  And lard...  :-)

We'll be raising them outdoors, on pasture if possible, but definitely outdoors with a shelter.  No confinement on this farm!!!  :-)

I had begun my research actually thinking of raising goats.  But, the more I read & learned, the more I realized goats just aren't a good fit for us right now.  Pigs, however, just may be....

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