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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best parade Ever! Galena IL Halloween Parade.

Wow, what an awesome parade! After seeing the Galena Halloween Parade, I don't think I will ever want to sit through another regular parade again... nothing else will ever match up. I mean, truly, how can you top a nighttime parade with everyone in costumes? Not only the people watching the parade, but everyone marching in the parade. How boring a marching band without Halloween costumes will seem from this day forward.
And how about the pyrotechnics, like pictured below with my boys watching! There were at least 3 hot air balloon baskets shooting off their flames high into the sky.
Wow. Cool floats too, like the Angry Birds replica, Whoville, Sleeping Beauty... we're talking full costumes, sets, christmas lights, fog machines... amazing.
Some scary, too, which had one of our boys begging to go home.
I have never seen Galena so crowded - thousands and thousands of people!
So glad we made the drive & checked it out. It will be on our annual to do list from now on!

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