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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wishful Acres CSA - Feeding over 20 families all their vegetables this summer!

Our farm is feeding over 20 families (ours included) through our CSA (community supported agriculture) program this summer! A 'full share' CSA member family receives approximately 3/4 bushel of vegetables delivered to their home each week. Pictured here is a 1/2 bushel basket, imagine it overflowing & you can see how much food it really is.

I sell our vegetables at farmers market, so we fed even more families at smaller amounts.

It's amazing how much food can be grown organically in a small space ( we have about 2 of our acres in production). It does take determination, ambition, and a very strong work ethic.

So proud of our 1st season on the farm! To think it all started a few years ago with a small plot of rented farmland and a Wish ...

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  1. You are so awesome, and what a great way to distribute veggies!