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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of these hens is not like the others!

Pictured in center is our "unusual" hen. These are from the flock of hens we have raised from day-old chicks back in April (they are now almost 5 months old). For weeks now I have wondered why this hen was so much larger and more mature than the rest. Was she simply the alpha & stealing food from the rest?

I remember our aummer intern had wondered as well. I recall saying to her "Well, I ordered 50 hens (females) and no roosters. If I had ordered a rooster that would be it but we only got hens".

All was explained to me very clearly at 6 am a few days ago as I worked frantically in the barn trying to gets seeds out for planting to beat the coming storm . "caaauuuu" it called from the coop, it's first call from it's immature throat. Oh no, I thought.

We've got a rooster .

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