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Sunday, August 21, 2011

So many of you have asked us for naturally-raised, pastured chicken meat.  As a person who has eaten naturally-raised chicken meat, I also understand how much better it tastes than the supermarket variety!  We are considering raising meat chickens for our customers, and would appreciate it if you could read and respond to this email if you are interested.

I have analyzed the cost of raising natural chickens for meat, and have figured that with the cost of the day-old chicks, the quality feed, bedding straw, heat, processing fees and transportation costs for pickup & processing, we would need to receive approximately $2.50 per pound in order to break even and give us a dollar or two extra per chicken for our time, effort, building use, etc. (we're not getting rich here, but we can't do all this for free :-). 

My first question to you is: would you be willing to pay the $2.50 per pound for the naturally-raised chicken?  These chickens will probably be pretty big - I'm told to expect about 5-6 pounds each, so you'll get several meals out of one chicken.
My second question is: how many would you be interested in?  (They'd be frozen.)  I'm not holding you to a number at this point, this is just to give us a rough idea how much interest there is.  They would need to be picked up at the farm when we bring them home from the processing facility (or delivered with your CSA if you receive a weekly vegetable share, if I have enough freezer space!).

Thanks, everyone.  I appreciate your time in reading & responding.  We'd be willing to take this on, I know so many of you have been asking & waiting patiently, but I want to make sure there is enough demand to justify it.

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