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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Skipper, the free-ranging crow... I mean Chicken!

This is our hen Skipper, one of the first 3 hens I bought.  She is a different variety from our other 100 hens.  I don't know what variety of chicken she is, but she looks just like a crow.  I have 3 black-feathered hens, and they are my son's favorite.  The boys have named them all Skipper.  The one pictured above is their favorite Skipper.  Why?  Well, she's a bit of a wild bird.  She flies over the 4 foot tall chicken fence and spends all day strutting along the outside perimeter.  The boys love catching her and tossing her back over the fence.  They think it's their duty as farmboys, apparently.  What fun for them.  And for our dog.  He also likes to catch Skipper.  As a matter of fact, Skipper was caught so much over a couple of weeks that she is not laying any eggs right now.  Got a bit upset, I guess.  If she would only learn not to fly the coop, jeesh!

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  1. I can't tell from the picture what kind of chicken she is, get a shot of her standing in good light an maybe then.