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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Announcing Wishful Acres CSA

 Wishful Acres Farm is now offering 2011 CSA shares!


 (Our summer CSA is full, but we're taking names for the fall CSA shares (running October & November), email to get on the list for fall.)

The 2011 Wishful Acres summer CSA shares will begin on July 15 and run through the end of September.  That's 10 weeks of fresh, delicious, Certified Naturally Grown produce!  Each week, you will receive a 3/4 bushel box of various vegetables, fruits, and eggs.  During the summer months, this box can weigh as much as 20 pounds!  You can expect to find anywhere from 6-10 different vegetables each week, as well as various recipes.  Another option is a half share (half as much produce, 1/2 dozen eggs) for those with smaller families or tighter budgets.  During the high-producing months, a full share will equal about 1 1/2 paper bags of farm-fresh produce.  Delivered right to your door.

Each week's full-share delivery is enough vegetables and eggs to feed a family of 4.

The total cost for a full 10-week share is $300, and a half-size 10-week share is $150.  This includes delivery to your home in the Freeport area (farm pickup is also available).

Payments are due before the first week's delivery in mid-July.  If you need to make installments, they can be broken into 2 installments, with the first installment due in mid-July, and the second installment due in mid-August.

Here is a sample full-share box:
-1 dozen pasture-raised brown eggs (can substitute another vegetable instead)
-2 bags lettuce mix or lettuce heads
-2 pounds heirloom tomatoes
-1 cucumber
-2 zucchini or summer squash
-1 bunch kale
-2 bell peppers
-1 eggplant
-1 fresh herb
-1 pound green beans

For more information, email Penny at .


What is a CSA? (from

What if, instead of getting a news magazine every week, you got a big box of produce from a farmer down the road, a box of fruits and vegetables picked that very morning, bursting with flavor and nutrition? That's what you get when you subscribe to a CSA.

Community-Supported or Community-Shared Agriculture (CSA) is also known as "subscription farming." You buy a subscription from a local farmer just like you buy a subscription to Time or Newsweek. But instead of receiving a magazine each week, you receive a "share" of fresh, locally grown or raised fruit and/or vegetables. Some farmers also offer CSA subscriptions for farm-fresh eggs, and/or meats.

While new in name, Community Supported Agriculture hearkens back to an earlier time-a time when people knew where their food came from, ate in harmony with the seasons, and enjoyed a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods.

"In season" is what CSAs are all about. The grocery store knows no seasons. It is disconnected from Nature and so are the people who must shop there. Sure, you can buy tomatoes in January-but who wants to eat cardboard tomatoes? That sorry tomato was picked green 2000 miles away and weeks ago, then blasted with ethylene gas to make it turn red just before it landed in the produce section of your store. What we have gained in convenience, we have lost in flavor, freshness, nutritional value, and human connection-to each other and to the land.

When you subscribe to a CSA, however, you remake all those connections.

Of course, you'll never get tomatoes in May. In May, your vegetable CSA share will be full of luscious lettuce, spinach, and other spring delights. When August comes, then you will experience an explosion of true tomato flavor with your first bite of a juicy, just-picked, sun-ripened tomato- proving once again that some things are worth waiting for!

CSA subscribers don't so much "buy" food from particular farms as become "members" of those farms. CSAs provide more than just food, they offer ways for eaters to become involved in the ecological and human community that supports the farm. Join one today!


Email Penny at for more information about joining our CSA.

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