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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cabin cleanup for WWOOF

There is a cabin here on our farm.  My 2 younger sons and I began cleanup recently.

There will be some farm interns staying here this summer, so we are getting it cleaned up for them.  This will give them a place of their own to sleep & have some privacy apart from the main farmhouse.

The interns who will be staying at our farm participate in the WWOOF program, as does Wishful Acres.  WWOOF stands for "Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms".  This program connects farms needing help with those wishing to learn gardening, farming, livestock, or just looking to stay on a farm for awhile (it is a wonderful, peaceful existence after all).  In exchange for their work on our farm, we provide them with room and board.

Many WWOOF participants are college students, which is the type of interns we will have staying with us this summer. I look forward to having them, and am so grateful for the help!  To make this farm work, it will require many hands.

Here are pictures of the cabin on our farm.

Thanks for visiting the Wishful Acres Farm blog, where the salad crops have sprouted and the hens are slowly beginning to lay eggs again!


  1. That will be so cool for them! Mmmm, can't wait to start getting some of your yummy lettuce!

  2. Penny, that is an awesome cabin! I stayed at a farm a couple of years ago for a week and was put in the oldest, nastiest, mouse ridden camper you can imagine. Your housing is wonderful!