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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The coons keep coming and coming...

Okay, enough is enough!  We've now captured & removed 2 raccoons at the house (I say "we" in the general sense, as I have had no hand in this, my strengths do not lie in hunting lol).

Now it appears there is at least one more.

Seriously, enough!!  Out, coons!

I'm beginning to wonder if they are still getting in somewhere, or if they have all been in there the whole time.

I am now freaking out a bit, because let me tell you they have caused a lot of damage inside the walls.  They have torn out insulation, chewed through wires, and of course peed & pooped all over in the insulation.  I'm afraid to say,  but I think we may be tearing out entire walls of drywall just to rip out all the insulation & remove it.  Yikes!  shudder...

Thankfully, we've been able to hire a neighbor to help my husband fix all the plumbing.  If we had been required to use an official plumber (which the bank was going to require us to do), we would be getting short on money by now, there were so many pipes ruptured. They're still working on the plumbing. 

I really don't know if we'll be able to make our estimated move-in date of March 1, which will throw off other people's schedule as well, unfortunately (my in-laws are going to be renting our current home until it sells, then they'll move out to the mobile home at the farm once that is rehabbed).

The dogs we had planned on getting to protect the farm will sure have their fill of coon chasing for a while...


  1. I hate them! We are trying to trap them but they just evade the traps and keep killing the chickens. I am so sick of them.

  2. I hope you can keep them out. Dogs are a great idea for protection and raccoon hunting!

  3. Ohh, and I thought mice moved into the house were bad enough- I can't imagine! But, trust me, if there is a chance they have been in the insulation- you want to change it out. Just for health reasons.
    Any chance of getting a dog early- to leave out there for a while. Or are you not there often enough to keep it company. Or at least to have it out there prowling while you work- the scent alone may deter the coons from re-entry.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your support. Yes, we're getting at least one dog - we hadn't planned on it until we were living out there but maybe it will be sooner.
    Judy, oh yes they are in the insulation. They're living in the walls! We're not sure how far in the walls they've gotten, but I fear we may be tearing out entire sections of drywall just to get the insulation out & replace it. Grrrr!

  5. Lady, I would be totaly freaking out. Is there a tree close enough to your place say within 2 feet or so? The branches, or limbs I mean. Raccoons turn into aerialists; we had to trim all the trees near our house to have at least a 7 foot gap between tree limbs and roof top. Racoons are such a huge nuisance along with oppossums. I am shuddering for you here.


  6. Hi Penny,

    Oh, I've been busy and haven't read blogs in a while! You've had your hands full! First of all, congrats on finally owning the farm! This coon business is wild - I hope they are about all gone.