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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Farmhouse Buyer Burnout

I know most of you have read how difficult it has become to buy this foreclosed farmhouse we are dealing with.  I've jumped through so many hoops that my legs are tired!

The latest this week is the bank is questioning the qualifications of the mold inspector we hired, because the VP of the bank is unfamiliar with him.  Wish I were kidding, but I'm not.

Next up, the bank is making me get a second letter from the general contractor stating that the house is structurally sound.  Yep, he already wrote up a repair estimate for us - if the foundation was crumbling I think he would have let us know.  But, he is now afraid to sign the second letter because the bank is making him nervous, he's afraid that they're being so picky they will come back on him if he signs something.  Even though the house is fine...

The good news is that the plumber, mold inspector, and general contractor estimates combined have only come to a few thousand dollars.  Great news, but we could have done most of the work ourselves if the bank weren't requiring us to have these professional estimates before closing, then requiring us to put 1.5 times the $ amount of repair into an escrow account, then requiring the pros to do the work within 30 days of closing, then requiring them to sign off on their repairs, and then maybe we'll get the money that's left from the escrow account.

That is, if the bank ever allows us to move forward with a closing date so we can actually own the place.

Let me tell you, dealing with buying a foreclosure is no fun.  At all.

I'm a bit burned out, I'll admit...

And don't even get me started about the 2 mobile homes that are sitting on the property....   that would be a rant & a half.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder who has been putting sand in the banker's shoes to make hem so grumpy. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.