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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got a greenhouse! Need volunteers for the "barn raising"

I found a listing for a greenhouse on Craigslist, a REAL one with a metal frame (as opposed to my failed PVC one, but we'll be trying that again with new engineering later).  According to the seller, it measures 20 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 10 feet tall.  It has endcaps with doors, woohoo!

I'd be using it as a passive solar heated greenhouse, and I'd be using the same sheet plastic we used on our homemade hoophouse. 

It's a used greenhouse, and I'm sure it comes with no documentation, so it's going to be a serious puzzle to put together.  But hopefully worth it, I'm getting a great deal on it.

The seller is delivering it this week from about 110 miles away, I just have to figure out where to tell him to drop the pieces!  We haven't closed on the farm... don't want a pile of greenhouse poles in our backyard with our house for sale... maybe my parent's new country house?  If it goes anywhere but the farm, we'll have to haul it again ourselves - he says the pieces are 9-10 feet long sections, and there are about 30 of them.

So, if any of you locals, friends, and family want to help me piece together this greenhouse in the spring, Nate & I will supply you with great food, homemade beer, and homemade wine (alcohol provided after the day's work, :-).  Drop me a comment or an email if you're interested, I'll make a list.  It will be like an old-fashioned Amish barn raising!

The seller tells me it's similar in style to this, with the rounded hoops, rather than the gothic style, which is perfect for my needs:

So who is in?  We'll probably be putting this together next March.  Nate could brew a special beer for the event, let us know your favorite!  (My current favorite is the Coffee Stout)....


  1. Oh, what a find!!! I'm terribly jealous. I figure that we're probably about 3 or 3.5 hours away. If we were closer I'd say it's a definite to help. We'll see when it gets closer to the date.
    Good luck!