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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eating pesticides

The new issue of Mother Earth News magazine arrived at my doorstep  yesterday.  There is a great article about pesticides that are designed to be absorbed into the  plant & fruit (thereby making them impossible to wash off).  I was just talking to a family member about this a few months ago, trying to explain that chemicals are taken up by a plant's roots and thereby become part of the plant (and vegetable).

Such chemicals are among the current explanations for the bee hive collapse problem (did you know our honeybees are dying off?) - the bugs who then bite these plants & veggies die.   Hmmmmm.... but it's okay for humans to eat???

Another reason to buy organic & support local farmers!

Here is the article at the Mother Earth News web site:

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  1. Nice. Yet another answer to my neighbors questions of why I bother trying to get a garden going!!

    And thank you for responding to my email with reading suggestions!!