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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pantry shelves are getting bare... canning season soon !

So after last year's large garden, and all the canning I did (you can view my canning totals on the blog, left sidebar, down at the bottom:, I thought I had way more jars than we would ever use.  It works that way, doesn't it?? 

Well, I was making a lasagna today for Sunday dinner, and was in the basement looking over my shelves.  They are getting bare!  I only have 4 jars of salsa left.  Let's see, looks like I canned 35 jars - and if I remember correctly most of them were quarts (the bigger jars).  I'm down to about 5 jars of pasta/pizza/marinara sauce combined (I canned 56 quarts!) .  Only a few stewed tomatoes left - looks like I canned 29 of those - I use these mainly in soups.  Wowza - I need those tomatoes to start growing a bit more quickly! 

Maybe if you all do a chant... a tomato-growing chant, along with some sort of dance.... they'll grow more quickly?  And let's hope the weather stays about the same - nice & hot (no cold summer like last year), so the tomatoes actually make it to harvest!

Ready?  One, two, three.... dance & chant!  I'm not about to buy any yucky tomato products from the store, lol! 

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