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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden plants are engulfing my house. Pics of the tomato plants & more...!

I  know I haven't posted pictures of my seedlings lately.  I was in a funk and took a 2-week break from blogging, plus spring planting season is here, so I've been more focused on planting outdoors.

I now have close to 2,000 plants growing under lights indoors, waiting until last frost (mid-May) to be sold or planted into my own garden plot at the farm.  Last year, I sold off most plants and ended up planting about 120 tomatoes and 100 pepper plants at my own plot.  I think it will probably be about the same this year.

Here are the giant tomato plants, started in February, in large pots to accommodate large size.  They've gotten so big I had to move them to the top shelf, where they have much more room, to grow all the way to the ceiling!

Anyone care for some sweet bell peppers?  These were planted in early March, not intended to get too big - they will probably be about 4 inches tall when ready to plant out.  The small size of the cells only allows their roots to get so big.  I do have more peppers that are planted in large cups, so those will get larger.

Anyone care for some eggplant?  Yum!

How about some basil?

Thought I'd show you the small-potted tomatoes that were planted in early March.  These will probably be about 6 inches tall when ready.
It won't be long now!

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