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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, cool cupcakes, and a great party


My oldest son turned 7 last week and we celebrated his birthday party last weekend.  I booked his party at a local nature preserve.  We were given the use of a building and a staff member to take the kids through tons of activities!  Yay for me, someone else to lead the oodles of kids on activities!

We started with a staff-led nature craft indoors,

then headed out for a hike on a trail.  The kids got to use magnifying glasses and binoculars on parts of the hike.

Ended the outdoor portion with a special game, then headed into the nature center for indoor play.

After the staff-led activities, we ushered the kids back to the party room for the awesome cupcakes my mother-in-law made (she even let the boys help!).

Then on to gifts, lots of screaming & running around, then back outside for a campfire and s'mores.


Lots of fun!  To anyone living in my area, birthday parties, family days, outdoor adventure, or hiking at Oakdale Nature Preserve are a great idea!

 We all had a great time, despite the rainy, dreary weather.  I'll take temperatures in the high 40s anyday after a long winter!  It's nice to be outside again.

Thanks to all the kids for coming!

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  1. What a great birthday party idea! And kudos to your MIL, those cupcakes rock!

  2. What a grat place to have a party! I love the cupcakes. Very creative.

  3. Peter is STILL talking about the "camping birthday party". What a great time he had!