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Monday, March 8, 2010

Handmade Boys Embroidered Apron

Happy Birthday to my oldest son!  He turns 7 today.  Where has the time gone?

For his present, I made him a reversible, embroidered apron.  He has been asking for his own handmade apron for months now, so I promised him I would make him one for his birthday.  Last year I made my sons blankets, this year it will be aprons.

He loves to cook, but prefers to bake.  He has a massive sweet tooth, which I suppose is true of every young child.  He is now to the point where he can take a box mix cake or brownies (I know, so not healthy, but the kids love them)... he can go into the kitchen and make them completely by himself.  I do ask him to wait for me to supervise when he turns the oven on, and I help him set the timer, but otherwise he does it all on his own.

So now he will have his own custom apron to bake in.  I cringe at the thought of this apron being covered in flour.  That's just how it goes when you handmake something..

I made the reversible apron from 2 different fabrics: a blue & white striped cotton on one side, and a dark denim on the reverse.  I embroidered his name on both sides before sewing together, then used matching navy bias tape for the neck & waist ties.  This is the first time my sewing machine has been used for several weeks!  It felt wonderful to work on a project.  I've missed it and shouldn't have let so much time go by in the winter without working on something - that's what helps me get through these dreary months.

Happy Birthday, Alex!  You bring such joy to our family with your warm, loving, enthusiastic, affectionate nature.

I'm sure he'll love the apron, and also the K'Nex set I got used last summer and have kept hidden.  Now that we're homeschooling he and Daddy have been knocking around lots of K'Nex in their spare time.  They made a 6 foot long roller coaster last week that was a marvel of engineering.  I am not an engineer.  My sons already beat me at Legos. I just make a boxy house over and over.  Maybe throw a window and door into it.  They make giant battle airplanes and vehicles.  Designed in their own heads and brought to life.  Even my 4 year old is better at building with Legos than I am  I am not of that type of brain.  Thank goodness for my husband!  :-)  I'll stick to my sewing machine...  the boys can stick to the Legos & K'Nex.


  1. Love the apron. My husband bought me a sewing machine two Christmases ago and I made him return it because I felt it was too big an expense..oh how I regret that!
    Legos and K'Nex are very popular in my house..I love the creativity, stepping on them barefoot, not so much.


    (I need to borrow him sometime :)