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Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a weekly columnist at the Renegade Farmer

I want to introduce you all to a new web site.  It's called The Renegade Farmer, and it's run by a city slicker named Zan Asha.  She's a sustainable farming advocate and activist.  I was recently introduced to her web site and have had the opportunity to listen to her radio programs and gotten to know her through email.  She's a fascinating person and her web site will provide lots of interesting information.

Her new web site features weekly columnists, a weekly online radio show dedicated to farming and crafting topics, and more. Everything can be accessed by visiting the website at

I'll be writing a weekly column for Zan's blog each Tuesday, beginning January 19 (tomorrow).  I hope you enjoy the radio program and web site and I'll post a link to my column each week right here on my blog.

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