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Friday, December 18, 2009

Our family dog is deathly ill

This will not be a positive, upbeat post.  Sorry.  :-(

Our dog is very, very sick.  All week I have been watching him as he has been having "accidents" in the house. Then, yesterday, he didn't come downstairs in the morning - the first time in his life he wasn't among us causing chaos at breakfast time.  When he refused food and water and seemed lethargic, I took him to the vet.

What do you do when you are told your family pet is dying?  His liver is failing, and as a result his belly is bloated and full of fluid - so much fluid that his organs are so squished inside him.  Looking at the X-Rays brought tears to my eyes, but I had driven him to the vet alone, so I had to wait until later to cry the tears.  I didn't need to kill us both on the drive home by bawling.

Buddy came into our lives as a tiny puppy.  He was born in December 1999 and abandoned.  He ended up at the Humane Society, which is where we adopted him.

This dog survived being hit by a car, run over by our boat on the river (my husband reminded me of this yesterday, and how I had jumped in to save him), and has survived 3 young boys who terrorized him every day.  It's hard to believe that something like this will take his life.

He's become so weak he can no longer jump up onto the couch, so we lifted him onto the chair right next to me now in my craft/office room.  The vet recommended that we euthanize him today.  While I initially considered it, our oldest son is in school now and I want him to have the chance to say goodbye.  I think instead, I may opt for an IV today to get some fluids in his dehydrated body.  This may help him make it through the weekend and give us all a chance to say goodbye.

I have been reading a lot about canine liver disease this morning, and we are doing all we can to encourage him to eat (I cooked a special recommended meal, and I was shocked, he actually ate it and has yet to throw it up), and we are just trying to keep him comfortable and let him know how much he is loved.  We don't believe he is in pain.  He is taking medication, but the vet believes that he may be too far gone for it to work.

It's hard to say goodbye to a beloved family pet who has been with you for 10 years.

I hope we can give him a loving weekend.

Thanks for listening.




  1. So sorry to hear this. We went throught the same thing about a year ago with one of our dogs. You and your family will be in my prayers. Rebekah.

  2. This is just so hard and at this time of year would be that much harder. I'm glad you got to keep him for 10 years he looks like he is such a good dog. I'll be praying and thinking of you as you say goodbye.

  3. Oh, so sorry Penny! I had a beloved pet die several years ago, and I know the anguish that can cause and I feel for you so badly! ((((hugs))))

    What a lucky dog, to have such a loving family!

  4. I'm so sorry. Our 15 year old Miniature Pincher died in October and it was so difficult. Some days I still cry when I think of things she always did among our family, but it's getting easier to remember her with a happy heart.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry. Losing a family pet is always hard. A few years ago we lost 3 dogs in 4 years at 15, 16, and 12 years old and our 10 year old cat as well during the same period. It is HARD!!! My thoughts will be with you as you go through this difficult transition. (((hugs)))

  6. So sorry :-(

    It is very hard ... I know from experience. My prayers are for you both during this difficult time.

  7. I am sorry to read this, I have never had a pet and can only imagine what you and your family are going through. Buddy has given you joy, but you and your family have given him joy too. Warm wishes.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved pet.Your family shared many wonderful years with him. I accidentally came across your blog and am now following it with a special interest--I too am Croatian and Mom & Dad would always converse in Croatian when discussing private issues in front of the 9 children.I made your great-grandmothers magic syrup with thoughts of my own wonderful Croatian grandma and Mom--lovely memories and lovely sauce.