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Friday, November 6, 2009

Visiting a farm for sale

A month or two ago, I came across a listing for a foreclosed farm property.  We've now visited it a few times, trying to decide whether or not to make a bid.

I thought I'd share some recent photographs we took out there.

Here is the view from the front porch:

Here is the view from the back of the property up toward the house and outbuildings:

And here is the view of the back couple of acres behind the house:

These views just kill me.  Of course, with this view also come very high winds.  It would be so cold up on this hill in the winter.  (Hey, gotta keep it real. There are benefits & drawbacks to everything!).

Problem #1: This is a foreclosed property. We wouldn't be able to sell our current house before buying this one (no contingencies allowed).  We'd have to try to manage 2 small mortgages until our current house were to sell. Yikes...

Problem #2: Well & septic condition unknown. The water is turned off.  It's been vacant for at least a year, possibly more.  There could be problems here that we'd have to pay to fix.

Problem #3: There are 5 acres, 2 barns, 1 corncrib, and one old garage turned into a gigantic chicken coop.  That's a lot of maintenance for a family with 3 young sons.

Problem #4: The house needs a bit of work. Let's be realistic. It's an old farmhouse. Part of the basement even has dirt floors! Of course, this was just their root cellar, I'm sure.

Pro #1: It has 5 acres.  Did I mention it has land?

Pro #2: The house has been updated. All new windows.. also all-new paneling (yuck).

Pro #3: The house is big. 5 bedrooms.... but 3 of them are interconnected (meaning walk through one to get to the other).

Pro #4:  Part of the house still has exposed hardwood. But part is carpeted.

Pro #5: Did you see the views?

Pro #6: Country living.  No shootings in town here.

Pro #7: Small schools.  Only 3 schools in the nearby city. Elementary, middle, high.

Pro #8: It's closer to my husband's work!  20 minutes less on his commute.  His drive to work would be only about 20 minutes from this farm.  It's now about 40-45 minutes.

Pro #9: The house is located right on a blacktop road. No need to worry about plowing a long lane.

Pro #10: Did I mention the land?  The gardening and orchard opportunities here are great.

Pro #11: It's within a mile of my great-grandparent's original farm (the farmhouse burned down before I was born and the property was sold). 

I just had to share these pictures.  It's quite a view, isn't it?

And check out this hayloft.  (All the outbuildings have steel roofs, which is a plus, I guess.)


  1. Ok, so seeing as I DID pass my real estate exam, than I must say that you should buy the place THROUGH me!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Only wait, then I'll never see you, so nevermind, I don't think you should buy it at all, thank you and good day :)

  2. Offer a REALLY low bid and go for it. It's a foreclosure...what have you got to lose. Get an inspector to give you some honest answers about the sewer and septic.

  3. ALl I have to say is WOW I think the Pros really out weigh the cons!
    You may have high winds but in the summer there is Always a breeze! We lived in a place like that for 10 years.
    I would definitely have the spetic checked out though.. We also battled Septic problems for 10 years!!lol
    Wood floors are great less allergie problems for most people. Throw a rug down that can be washed.
    2 BARNS WOOO HOOOO That would be wonderful.. With Metals roofs Even bigger YAAAHH!
    Kids grown up and become great helps. My girls are 12,12 & 13 they help with everything around here. They can milk, feed and water if I am not available like when I had surgery earlier this year.. They have their own animals too.
    It cuts his commute in Half!! That would definitely be a big plus for us too!
    No gravel roads? Also great! Lived most of my life on gravel and flat tires were a natural part of life...
    I think its an absolutely Beautiful place!
    Good luck making a descision!!

  4. It looks so pretty and to raise your kids in the country.
    I say get an inspector too and then bid low and move in! How exciting!

  5. The place is great. What a wonderful place it would be to raise boys. Have a great day Rebekah.

  6. What a beautiful place!

    (Don't move, sniff)

  7. Lol... Don't cry, local friends, this farm is located less than 20 minutes from our current house!
    Still close to friends & grandparents and FPort is still the closest "big" city, lol.
    We'd still be here all the time.
    As for bidding low, it's a HUD foreclosure (owned by the U.S. Government) and I guess they won't accept anything below a certain price. But they lower this "mystery" price every 30 days. It just got dropped for the first time, which is why I'm kind of scrambling now, trying to make a decision.
    Nikki, I'm SO GLAD you passed the exam!! yay!
    There is only one lady in town who is brave enough to deal with these HUD foreclosures, lol. I've spoken with her a couple of times.
    On another note, it looks like we may be able to rent out our current house to relatives if it doesn't sell....
    It freaks me out to give up this house that we worked so hard on fixing up. And moving to the country to a house that is fully lined in brown faux-wood paneling (my pet peeve). I hate, hate, hate thinking of fixing up another house. It's so hard to get things done while keeping the boys from killing each other at the same time, lol.
    And the basement at the farm creeps me out....