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Monday, November 9, 2009

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

I promised to blog about the Jedi Knight Star Wars Halloween costumes I created for my sons.

Here they are!

We dressed as a family.  The boys are Jedi Knights, and my husband and I are Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Now, on to the costumes.  For the Jedi robes / cloaks, I turned to the Internet.  I found a great tutorial here: .  It explains everything pretty well and includes illustrations.

I used brown burlap fabric, about 2-3 yards per costume depending on the size.

I folded the piece of fabric in half and had my son lay on the ground on top.  Using a white crayon, I traced him.  I then cut the shape of the robe much bigger than his body tracing.  The arms need to be shaped like bells, and the body like a bell as well.

I just hemmed the edges, sewed the two pieces together, then  turned it inside out.  The hood is made just like the tutorial says - a 1 foot by 2 foot rectangle of fabric.

As for our costumes, the Princess Leia outfit is simply a white turtleneck shirt, a white skirt, and a silver belt. I got it all at a thrift shop. The 2 hair buns are a must.

Han solo is simply a white shirt, black vest, and black pants.

We wore wool sweaters under our white costume shirts to help give us some warmth, but it did make us look rather bulky! :-)

My youngest son turned 2 on Halloween!  We made him a gingerbread haunted house.  This is a tradition we started with my middle son, whose birthday is a few days after Christmas.  The boys love assembling & decorating the gingerbread houses.

 I hope you all had a good Halloween!


  1. Great costumes!! I used the same concept for our easter drama costumes. Add a belt and you have a bible time robe!

  2. That is SO AWESOME! How cute!!

    (And you are totally rockin' the Princess Leia ensemble :)