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Friday, October 9, 2009

Seed swap?

I have been saving some heirloom seeds this year.  Is anyone interested in doing an heirloom seed swap?

I have several varieties of lettuce, beans, pepper, indian & broom corn.

I didn't isolate the plants, so they may not grow exactly true to their parent, but you'll still end up with something close, lol. 

The lettuce should be okay.  I grew freckles (romaine), matina's sweet (butterhead), cimmaron (red romaine), and Amish green deer tongue. 

The mixed-colors broom corn should also be okay - I don't think there was anything nearby it could have crossed with.

What do you think?  Have anything you'd like to swap?


  1. I love your idea -yes I would like to swap -I have some rattlesnake beans and some cinderella pumpkin seeds. sounds like a great idea

  2. Ooh, I'd love some Cinderella pumpkin seeds. I'll post more details on my seeds soon.