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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby quilt

I am excited to say I'm preparing for my first craft show!

I've been sewing a lot, trying to build up some inventory.

Our local fabric store is having a sale, and I was able to grab some nursery quilt panels for a great price.  These are so nice.  The top is already quilted.  To finish the quilt, you simply add the backing.  You can jazz it up a bit if you wish or leave it plain.

I added a pink flannel backing to this quilt.  Some of the quilt squares are made of a soft, chenille-type fabric. They are so soft.  The bunnies are embroidered.

I wish there had been some boy quilt panels on sale so I could have gifted one to my baby for his upcoming birthday, but alas only the girl panel was to be had.  Perhaps I'll go back and try to find a boy panel.

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