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Friday, September 25, 2009

Paprika Peppers

Way back in January I saw these little peppers listed in a seed catalog.  The picture was cute, and I thought it might be fun to grow.  The variety is called "Alma Paprika".  Yep, this is a type of pepper used to make paprika powder.

They grew in abundance!  The plants were heavy with these little peppers.  They appear first as a creamy white color and have a bit of spiciness to them if eaten at this stage.  If you are patient and leave them on the plant, they will slowly begin to ripen.  First to orange and then to a deep crimson red.  They're fully ripe when red, and boy are they sweet!

I haven't made any paprika powder yet, but perhaps I will... just to see if I can.  The challenge is always the most fun for me.  I did save some of the seeds in case I want to give them a go again next year.  We'll see... I really didn't have much use for them!

Here are the Alma Paprika peppers lined up in a row showing them in stages of ripeness.  Aren't they cute?


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