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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Favorite tomato of the year


The results are in.  There was really no close competition.

The best tomato I grew this year, to my surprise, is "Moonglow".  I picked the seeds from the seed catalog for no reason other than it's bright, fluorescent orange color.

It's been the most reliable tomato during this cold, rainy summer.  I think it's because this tomato isn't overly juicy, so it's not cracking from all the rain and rotting on the vine like my juicier varieties (Brandywine, Pineapple, Silvery Fir Tree, Mortgage Lifter).  Believe it or not, it's been such a cold summer that some of my varieties still aren't ripe!  (On a side note, I'm so thankful I planted such a wide variety of types. Many area gardeners are getting no tomatoes.)

Here's a picture of that beautiful, sweet Moonglow.  The taste of this tomato is unbelievable!  It's very low acid, so the sweetness is great. 



  1. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you; I love the flavor and the non-squishyness of it. It's rather like a Roma in that respect.

    Still, I am growing rather fond of those tomato/pepper hybrids. I plan to stuff them and make cornbread fluffing for the outside and bake them with salsa on top. Yum .. .

    Ugh, I'd better stop, I'm making myself hungry . . .

  2. Rachel, I think I need you to come over here and cook some of this produce for me!
    I'm having such a hard time just keeping up with harvesting, weeding, washing, and canning that there is not much inventive cooking going on! It sounds soooo good. Along with the sweet peppers you stuffed!
    What do you say? I'll trade you some more produce in return for some cooked. :-) Lol...
    I'm terrrible!