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Saturday, August 1, 2009

More cherry picking!


I have a wonderful fruit-picking partner-in-crime. Her blog name is Yarn Over. When she calls to say there are cherries for us to pick, I run.

You know you have found a wonderful friend-for-life when she picks you up with a cup of her spa-style gourmet coffee waiting for you, made just the way you like it!

We arrived at an undisclosed location to pick tart cherries. It was a great morning and we got more wonderful cherries!

We both have 3 children, all of whom are about the same age. Our oldest boys are definitely partners-in-crime as well. On this day they partnered at picking blackberries near the cherry tree and creating traps with lines of cherries (not sure what they were trying to catch in the trap, perhaps a dinosaur). Here they are running off together to create more little-boy havoc.

Our 3-year olds were being babysat by my hubby, which was great for us!

My 1-year old was also with hubby, but my friend's 1-year old came along for the ride. We discovered he also likes to eat tart cherries raw. Isn't he a beautiful baby? He reminds me of the Gerber baby.

I personally don't like heights, so I was not eager to climb the large ladders. Aloha Knitter, thankfully, had no such qualms.

The farmers at the undisclosed location let us borrow their cherry pitter! Never before in my life have I seen cherries pitted so quickly. I'm thinking of making an investment in one myself!

We have word that soon we will have apples for our picking! We are easy to please, we two partners-in-crime.... :-)



  1. Ha ha, that was fun, wasn't it? I love the "undisclosed location", lol! Very good; we don't share our trade secrets, lol, unless there's more than we can handle, which is saying alot!