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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guess this vegetable!


I'll give a free pound of organic heirloom tomatoes to the first person who correctly guesses this vegetable. That is a quarter at the bottom of the picture, so you have an idea of the size of this vegetable.

(Sorry, locals only for the prize, I can't ship them. But non-locals please feel free to guess!)



  1. Ooo, fun! I'm going to ask Andy, maybe he knows. I'm guessing Kohlrabi/rutabaga (or is that two guesses, lol? I can never determine if those are the same things or different veggies altogether!)

  2. Nope, it is neither kohlrabi nor rutabaga.

    Keep trying! :-)

    I'll even let you pick which tomato variety you want...

  3. I'll be honest in that this is quite tricky.

    I'll give a hint:

    It is usually harvested when it is smaller. This is a large variety.

  4. My guess is some type of radish?

  5. Or, my 2nd guess would be some kinda beet?

  6. Nikki, you've won!!!
    This is, indeed, a radish.
    It's a variety called "Watermelon" that has inverted colors (white outside, pink inside) and it grows huge and delicious.
    I'll bring your tomatoes tonight when we all meet at your house.