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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Twilight movie

I recently watched "Twilight" and was surprised at how well it measured up to the book. Great screenwriter!

(I'm not sure if the actress playing Bella is a bad actress or not. Perhaps they wanted her to present her lines this way...?)

I have started "New Moon" and am already peeved that Edward left her, but what can you expect from a sneaky vampire (just kidding), lol?
(I've since finished New Moon and was very happy with the ending, of course! :-))

Anyway I am feeling like a giddy teenager after watching that movie. Wish I had a daughter that I could share this kind of stuff with. Good thing for girlfriends! I laughed when watching the special features and noticed the main actor is British. As if he needed anything else going for himself! :-)

While I won't be able to share the Twilight experience with a daughter someday, I do plan on making my sons fans of musicals. They are already Mary Poppins fans (watched the disk so much they scratched it beyond viewing) and I do plan to force The Sound of Music upon them this winter. Lol. I may have to fast forward through a lot of the dialog with them at first but I'll hook em with the thunderstorm scene (la la la...A Few of My Favorite Things...). Poor boys. Shhh..... just don't tell my husband I plan to make "wimps" of his boys.



  1. Bravo! Your future daughters-in-law will appreciate your teaching them the finer things of life!

  2. My sister "flip flopping mamma" told me your post today was about twilight so of course I HAD to come and look! Now that you know Rob Pattinson is British it is ever so fun to re watch the scene where he pulls the dent our of her bumper and invites her over to meet his family. He totally slips into an English accent. My friends and I watch it over and over and giggle like, well,....girls who watch Twilight!

  3. Oh, and by the way! Good job with the Bat incident :)