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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cherry Harvest


Fresh Cherries! There are nothing like sour cherries. Many people pucker up at the thought of eating them plain, but I adore them straight off the tree (or straight from my freezer bag). My 3 year-old son definitely agrees with me on this one. We stood together in mid-June and ate every cherry (all 40 of them) off of our baby dwarf cherry tree.

I was desperate a couple of weeks ago, thinking I wouldn't be able to find any fresh, local cherries to freeze for winter.

My mother even bought me a bag of frozen cherries at a local butcher chop. But still, it's not quite the same...

Then my mother-in-law passed along wonderful news. There were 2 cherry trees ready for picking at a relative's house about 20 miles away.

It was great! We must have picked well over 30 pounds of cherries. The trees were loaded with the most beautiful, huge cherries I've ever seen.

We pit them by hand, then place straight into freezer bags with the juice. I use them in the winter for eating plain and making cherry cobbler. I'm not much of a pie baker, but these are pie cherries!


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  1. Ha ha, isn't that funny that your cherry post came out today? I love the picture of you in the cherry tree; I think you should set it as your profile pic - it's so "all-natural" ha ha!