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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pro at Cooking

My husband can cook.

When we first married, he was limited to Ramen noodles.

Now, though, he can whip up omelets, pita pizzas, lasagna w/ homemade noodles, and anything on the grill comes out better than a good restaurant.

All the indoor cooking was taught by me. The grilling, though, was his own trial and error learning over the years.

He's a gamer. Meaning video games. He came across this site last winter, which is put together by another gamer. He loves it. It's called "Pro at Cooking" and it's a comedy-based Internet show featuring a guy named Dave who is the cooking pro. He demonstrates how to cook the featured dish while pretending to be a jerk to the bimbo "assisting" him. The bimbo changes for each episode, I believe.

Want your husband to get more involved in the kitchen? Perhaps he'll also enjoy the Pro at Cooking: .

The "pro" at cooking, Dave.

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