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Monday, June 8, 2009

First Harvest

The first harvest item from the 1/2 acre farm garden plot is lettuce.
Two heirloom varieties were harvested last week: "Martina's Sweet" (pictured above) and "Amish Deer Tongue".
We had the lettuce eaten quickly. Luckily, the farmers where I rent the land were kind enough to pass on a lot of their extra lettuce as well. They sell at a couple of farmer's markets during the week but sometimes have leftovers.
I prefer to wash lettuce in a sink full of water (clean your sink very well first). First I rinse it, then drop it all in the sink and swish it around a bit. I dry it on bath towels then place it all in a plastic bag (reuse your shopping bags here) in the fridge with a few towels (paper or cotton) thrown in to absorb the excess moisture (keeps the lettuce fresh longer).

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  1. Fresh home grown lettuce is just a million miles away from anything you buy in a supermarket, isn't it. Just fresh and tasty and crisp. Enjoy yours!