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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegetable plants are overtaking my house!

I started the first seeds of the year the last weekend in February (various pepper plants).

Now they have reached a larger size and need to be separated into their own cells (I planted 2 seeds per cell as directed, now I have to either kill one off or replant it on its own. I'm replanting.)

They're overtaking my basement.
Now the tomatoes are sprouting up as well and are starting to need separating.
We need more shelves and more lights!
They're duplicating and replicating and splitting and growing. Okay, I exaggerate a teeny bit. And I know it will all be worth it for that awesome "Sweet Chocolate" bell pepper and huge "Mortgage Lifter" tomato....


  1. "Mortgage Lifter" tomato? Really? What a cool name! They need names like that for vegetables. I'd certainly go for "thigh burner" or "tummy tucker" egg plant, lol!

  2. Rachel, you crack me up. One of the reasons heirloom vegetables are so cool is because of the stories behind the names. Mortgage lifter was so named because the man who developed the seed sold them and was able to pay off his mortgage during the Great Depression.
    I love reading seed catalogs...