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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I can smell summer!

My basement smells like summer.
You know when you're walking in your garden and brush against a tomato plant or when you touch the plant and get a whiff of that overwhelming tomato-plant-smell?
The tomato plants I've been growing from seed are so big now that I can run my hands across the stems or rub the leaves and smell the goodness. It's like a junkie getting a fix, it smells soooo good. Winter deprives us of these awesome smells and I'm definitely feeling very dismal because of it, lol.

The downside of the plants getting this big is that I have to repot them again now into cups. Have I mentioned that I'm so out of space under the lights that I now have to rotate? 9 trays under the lights during the day and 9 trays at night.
They truly have overtaken the house.


  1. Wow, your plants look really healthy! Hope you have enough to sell to me, ha ha!

  2. Hundreds....they've overtaken my basement. Literally.