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Sunday, February 15, 2009

New compost heap

We usually quit composting in the winter.

It's so cold to run out and dump stuff in the bin.
Plus things just don't compost as well during the winter. It's so cold that things can't break down.
We like to till in our compost in the spring, so I'm not comfortable with adding things to our pile during the winter anyway. It won't compost in time and we'd be tilling apple cores straight into the garden.
But I hate the feeling I get tossing produce scraps and leftovers into the garbage when I know they are much better in my compost pile than in a landfill. Environmentalist guilt! Not to mention the stuff is great for the garden.
So I brainstormed and decided to build a new compost bin just to use in the winter.

It's not as big as it should be, but it will do fine to hold our kitchen scraps and newspapers until after we till in the old compost.
Then maybe I'll transfer the winter compost to the main compost heap.
Or maybe we'll just have a 2 heap system. That would probably be easier, anyway.

Here's our main compost pile:

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1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, that's pretty smart. I like composting too, but I could never figure out how to do it in the winter. Now I know!